Saturday, June 04, 2005

take all your big plans and BREAK 'em.
cos they all dont matter.
life's real BORING now
take all my plans and break them.
cos they NEVER work out
but i wun ever admit life sucks :)
okay, so im not okay (i promise)
i goin nuts.
racist jokes are flashing thru my head.
anyway, im gonna stop blogging
cos its just me.
so let get retarded in here~

i really miss the old times.
but im not old yea? x)

life aint a bitch, til you ditch yourself

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Thursday, June 02, 2005

what happens if every girl request for their boyfriends to pick the stars for them?
thank God it can't be done, or there wont be stars at night. x)

ahha. i rmb someone's bday.
but it's just too awkward larh.
afterall, im forgotten xP

im tinking of the time i, jonas n weihao all broke up with our gfs. it was NOT planned.
anyway, im over being lovesick.
though cheryl insists i am.
im love-free!
dota's getting boring too.

im just crapping.

im just bored-

I don't wanna close my eyes
I don't wanna fall asleep
'Cause I'd miss you, babe
yes, i'd miss you, babe

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Monday, May 30, 2005

im no superman.
im fallible.
yea. was abit down lately.
but im alrite now x)
i love my frens!
eng prelim oral tmr.
still coughing.
wish me good luck. :)

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Saturday, May 28, 2005

nothing's goin right.
nothing's happening.
nothing sorta matters to me now.
nothing's brightening up my life.
just nothing.

this damned flu's just makes everything worse.
my chest hurts, not my heart, my lungs x)
argh. i dont want to cough!

so in the end it all sets in place.
gonna mug my life out soon.
missing-in-action, i will be
yoda style
im feeling nothing.
just nothing.

the lights are off.
the cup of tea's cold.
the picture on the wall's faded.
never was picture-perfect.
never once was a true-love-snapshot.
the table's filled with grafitti,
a carving of a hearts and an L.
amidst this, the ants scrabble.
crawling up the cup.
one fine ant plunges in the tea.
he screams for help frantically.
they all look helplessly.
some just turning away.
he makes the final futile brawl for survival.
loneliness sinks in.
he gives up his last breath.
there was no lifeline.
he gave up dreaming.

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Friday, May 27, 2005

o1. do yu feel lonely?
when im alone and my mind runs wild. enhanced with this high fever. x)

o2. do yu have a friend to talk deeply from heart to heart?
nah. i usually keep my trap shut on unhappy stuff. maybe marcus or jason when i really do.

o3. do yu have someone yu are interested in?
had. NO chance. even lost contact

o4. do yu have someone close to yu?
yes. they know who they are :)

o5. do yu think there is someone interested in yu?
i dont know.

o6. do yu like sending sms just to say hi to
when i was sec 1.

o7. what made yu stop chasing someone?
when she shows no interest with you, til the extent she ends off every msg you send with a single word. yea. a big "SCREW OFF MY LIFE" kinda thing.jus requires common sense

o8. who is very often chatting with yu?
usually my church frens. im a sensible guy with sensible words afterall yea? okay maybe not x)

o9. are yu romantic?
if you're a girl, answer this for me. (does not apply to gays)

1o. have y ever been hurt by the person yu love?
of course. that's the reason im trying so har to forget her.

11. have yu ever hurt someone?
ya. and im really SORRY.

12. which one is more often... hurting or getting
basically, both suck and blow. but i'll prefer gettin hurt?

13. what can make yu forget that someone has
ever hurt you?
i dont know. if anyone knows it, TELL ME PLEASE.x)

14. if yu've been hurt, do yu want to have a
nah what's the use? instead of the usual lovebirds-do-to-be-together scenario, you will have a go-down-with-me-cos-u-hurt-me scenario. i aint no psychopath.

15. have yu ever fell in love?
yep. sweet romance with a real bitter end. if you minus the "bitter end". it would just be so sweet x)

im so bored that i did this survey.
boredom + sickness = KILLS.
im dying. argh

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Monday, May 23, 2005

Staring out the rain with a heavy heart,
Your eyes revelates your thoughts.
these pictures of you,
my epitomes of happiness.

Amidst this silence, a wake-up call.
your voice pulls me back relentlessly.
i was enamored,
yet you were never in love.

in the middle of the night, im screaming out loud.
im caught in this vortex of desolation
i make a silent prayer, someone save me
somewhere in his grace

sitting back here, with a broken invocation,
caught in this vapors of isolation
you left me out,
i found no solace.

laying down right here, im feeling so lonely.
my paper heart's ripped and it's bleeding.
in this despair,
i whisper a prayer.

in the middle of the night, im screaming out loud.
im caught in this vortex of desolation
i make a silent prayer, someone save me
somewhere in his grace

Somewhere in his grace, [you will save me]
Somewhere in his grace, [you will find me]
somewhere in his grace..
i'd wish you here

she's in love.
but it aint you.
if you're feeling this,
this song is dedicated to you guys. :)
even mickey has minnie.
but i aint gonna scream my lungs out for what will never be mine.

got rather good results for the latest tests.
the busy days are just starting

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Sunday, May 22, 2005

having a fatal urge for drinking.
talk about fatal addictions.
haa. smoking aint really cool.

i've deleted everything that's gotta do with her
and it really hurts.
i just wanna go clarke quay.

i've got back my shoe.
running away's revived.
we are now called: pray

taking part in the newspaper competition.
gonna jam like mad til then.
also, i will haf to mug my subjs too.
its just like an extra subject added to my prelims.
life just kicked off, though it was on the verge of breaking.

rose outta chaos,
fallen til the depths of sin,
yet, when all's over,
im alone in the corner

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Saturday, May 21, 2005

"she was a gregarious girl. the world seemed to revolve around her; it included me. she had those kinda of spontaneous laughter that drove me crazy. she was everything i wasnt"
- extract from my compo written for prelims today


yea man.
my prelims are over.
i am totally try to get over her.
just hope i wun see her.

whoo. im goin crazy.
or was i driving shaun crazy?
im really goin crazy.
starwars was okay.
the fighting scenes were great though

on the other hand, im gonna mug the whole june hols.
super bad results.
abit depressing.
nothing's really going right now.
band's ran away!
my results are screwed!
i cant get her outta my head!

in the meanwhile,
i will just settle for being mad.

a slit of the wrist could solve it all.
do that if that's all you got.
cos im not settling for running away.

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Thursday, May 19, 2005


wish me good luck

life starts at forty.
but i dying at sixteen.
sixteen aint sweet at all.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

;broken this fragile thing now,
and i cant, i cant pick up the pieces;
she's still on my mind,
part of me say: what if she has feelings for me.
another says: there's no way she could.
i told her before,
but it seemed so one-sided in the end.
if only i could get an answer.
but i guess she doesnt even visits my blog anymore.
;you're my only one
but do you feel the same;

arrrrr. on to some serious matter.
besides thinking abt her, school's the only thing that's killing me now.
eng prelims are scaring the hell outta me.
compre has screwed me up since in entered upper sec.
and right now i somehow hope that seh will drop me a msg?

haha life's still good.
having lotsa fun.
amidst this stress period.
maybe it aint that bad after all

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